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Barrie Forklift Training - Barrie is a fast-growing city and a dynamic waterfront community that stands on Kempenfelt Bay, a segment of Lake Simcoe situated in Central Ontario, Canada. Its beginnings could be traced back to the First Nations People who utilize the area as a resting point while they travel the portage which ran across Lake Simcoe and Nottawasaga River to Lake Huron.

Barrie has developed a strong tourism business, because of the city's accessibility and its proximity to Kempenfelt Bay, where the waterfront of Barrie has played a vital role. There are a lot of tourist activities and attractions based around the stunning Kempenfelt Bay. In the summer, visitors can enjoy boating, windsurfing, swimming, or any various water sports from the city's beaches, consisting of Centennial Beach, Minet's Point Beach, Johnsons Beach, Tyndale Beach and The Gables. In wintertime, Kempenfelt Bay becomes home to a lot of fishing huts as fishing enthusiasts flock to be able to enjoy winter fishing at the bay. Fishing however, is a year-round activity within Barrie. Fishing enthusiasts would be happy to fish at Little Lake or at the Kempenfelt bay shoreline, either in summer or winter, and try their luck in catching a Perch, Walleye, Whitefish, Lake Trout and Bass. A fishing license should be acquired first before anybody more than 18 could fish in the bay.

Although Barrie might have been known for its plethora of family and outdoor recreational activities, the city also attracts some visitors to its arts and cultural events. Most celebrated of these is the Kempenfest arts and crafts festival where visitors could find various Art, Craft and Antique exhibits with live entertainment. The festival is held during the August long weekend and attracts over 300,000 visitors each year. Various notable city festivals comprise the Barrie Kiwanis Music Festival, Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival, Railway Blues & Bluegrass Festival, and the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival.

The city of Barrie has a diverse economy, with the sales, manufacturing, service, and transportation sectors as the city's strongest and largest companies. Growth within the construction, utilities, finance, business services, food and accommodation, trade, education and health services sectors are expected in the following ten years.

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